June 16, 2012 – Fitchburg, WI:
Hips & Backbending / Core Power & Inversions (2 Workshops) with Deborah Williamson

Join Debbie for two open to the public workshops at the beautiful all-new Perennial Yoga Center in Fitchburg, WI. Come to one or both! Registration is coming soon.

HIPS/BACKBENDING: 10 am – 11:30 am

Free your Hips & Back and your Heart & Mind will open!
Open hips, pelvis, spine and shoulders and learn “yoga tricks” to help find more release, freedom and access in these poses. You will leave this workshop physically uplifted, spiritually restored and back in the game.

Cost: $35 per person Space is limited.
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education


Uncover your hidden power as you lengthen & strengthen your back & core, free your hips, and tone the muscles of your mind. Learn to let being upside-down calm & ground you. Work with building blocks to experience the following poses:
* Handstand
* Headstand
* Shoulderstand
* Forearm Balance

This workshop is open to all levels. A working knowledge of downward dog is necessary.

Cost: $35 per person Space is limited.
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

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