June 8-10, 2012 – Naperville, IL:
Yoga Life Coaching Certification Weekend

June 8-10, 2012
Yoga Life Coach ™ Certification
with Debbie and Adrienne Hengels
Power of Your Om, Naperville, IL
Info/Times/Registration: Click Here!

Debbie returns to POWER OF YOUR OM to present a powerful weekend of Yoga Life Coaching with studio owner, Adrienne Hengels. Come to get certified** and start a new career,
or just to vastly improve the quality of your own life and relationships.
No experience required.

• ability to coach real clients immediately
• greater connection in personal relationships with friends & family
• excellent communication skills for business & work
• an immediate sense of joy & possibility in your own life and path
• Business of Coaching (how to get started with your coaching business)

**Final certification is granted following completion of 30 client sessions and 200 hour teacher training.  You do not need to be certified to begin coaching.  More details on the certification program are here:   CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT CERTIFICATION.

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