30 Day Digital Yoga Challenge with Wild Abundant Life


30 DAY DIGITAL YOGA CHALLENGE (includes t-shirt)
Participate from anywhere in the world!
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Program Runs:  October 15 – November 15, 2014 (cost: $30 until Oct 10 / $40 after)

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Together we elevate the world!

Together we elevate the world!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Join yogis from all around the WORLD for a 30 day digital yoga challenge! Beginners & those BRAND NEW to yoga are welcome to participate in this online program.  Program is administered through Facebook.  You will need a Facebook account to participate.

Program includes:
• 30 days of inspiration & daily challenges from Debbie (daily emails)
• 7 day core challenge with Traci Cooley (bonus content)
• Sample Yoga Videos from Debbie & friends (in community Facebook Group)
• Community Facebook Group with support from Debbie & staff (this is where the magic happens)
• Daily Journal Prompts
• Rockin’ 30 Day Challenge T-shirt at program completion

We provide the inspiration (and all of the tools and goodies as listed above), and You Do the Yoga.


Pick a yoga goal – it can be as simple as doing 1 pose a day, or working on a specific pose that challenges you, or even practicing for a certain amount of time each day.

YOU set your daily yoga goal, YOU commit for the 30 days, and YOU decide what works!

At the end, we celebrate together!

Why commit to 30 Days of Yoga?

beachside studio yoga

sweat, glow, shine!

Benefits Include:

• Big bursts of energy
• Happier Brain Chemistry (yoga boosts serotonin – the “feel good” chemical)
• Reduced stress & better sleep
• Toned body, weight loss
• Increased strength, coordination & flexibility
• New confidence & ease
• Great sense of accomplishment!

 Testimonials for the Program:

“This challenge has helped take the intimidation (and endless excuse) factor out of my practice and given me a boost of confidence!” Kate Licciardello

“This challenge has been amazing. I have grown in my practice mentally, physically and spiritually. My life is evolving in new directions and my heart open to all possibilities! I am so grateful for all the new friends I’ve made. Thank you to Debbie and Kellie, again, for making this an awesome journey!!!” Stevie Shikoski

“I’m discovering that I can change my way of thinking with dedicating a small amount of time to practicing meditation, yoga, and journaling. I no longer find myself responding to the question, “How have you been?” with “Busy.” I’ve caught myself starting to respond with ‘busy’ and I correct it in my mind because I don’t want ‘busy’ to be the story of my life. Responding with, “I’ve been really well,” really changes my train of thought. This simple response puts me on the path of feeling more relaxed, less hurried, and not just moving from one activity to another, but consciously living in – and enjoying – the moment. This practice is slowly, but surely, making me a more peaceful individual.” Lindsey

“This challenge offered the openness and support to do as much or as little physical practice as I wanted, and it reminded me that whatever I did was okay. No, I didn’t physically practice everyday, but I was still doing yoga everyday.

I usually read all the motivational and inspirational posts by this virtual community each morning on the metro train to/from work, or I used that time to listen to my favorite meditation podcasts. I also paid serious attention to my breath—especially in meetings where I could feel myself tensing up or getting frustrated with my boss or with a colleague.

Thank you to Debbie and Kellie for creating a space for this community to come together to get love and support and encouragement. And thank you to all the facilitators for sharing themselves and their practices and tools and tips for free to all of us. And a BIG special thank you to all the other members of this virtual yoga community who shared their personal experiences and breakthroughs!” Karen Trayers


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30 Day Digital Yoga Challenge Sign Up Form

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