Specialty Certifications

As part of her commitment to building independent & highly qualified yoga teachers, Debbie has created the following specialty certifications. Set yourself apart as a yoga professional who is committed to continuous improvement and learning. All programs are good for Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.

CTA:  Certified Teacher Assistant (hands-on assisting) – LIVE LOVE TEACH YA 200 Hour
ACTA:  Advanced Certified Teacher Assistant (hands-on assisting) – LIVE LOVE TEACH YA 500 hour
CYPT:  Certified Yoga Personal Trainer (yoga private lessons) – LIVE LOVE TEACH YA 500 hour
YBBBT:  Yoga Body Bootcamp Basic Trainer Certification (teach Yoga Body Bootcamp)


CTA:  Certified Teacher Assistant & ACTA:  Advanced Certified Teacher Assistant

This hands on assisting certification weekend with Debbie offers two levels of certification.  Upon completion of your first weekend, you’ll receive a CTA certification (Certified Teacher Assistant).  Upon completion of a second weekend, when you will be utilized to help guide new students, you’ll receive ACTA certification (Advanced Certified Teacher Assistant).

Hands on and experiential, this workshop will set you up with a whole new understanding of asana. Learn assists for all major sequences in a power vinyasa class. Course includes instruction on working with special populations (different body types, elderly, athletes, etc).

This course will cover common and creative assists for the following:

  • Sun Salutation A & B, Chaturanga, Downward Dog & Upward Dog
  • Warrior/Crescent Lunge Series & Twisting Series
  • Balance Series (Partners for Advanced Asanas)
  • Backward Bending Series (Locust, Bow, Camel, Bridge, Wheel, Partners)
  • Abdominal Series
  • Inversions (Handstand, Forearm Balance, Headstand, Shoulderstand, Partners)
  • Hip Opening Series, Surrender to Gravity (Thai Yoga & Traction)
  • Final Review

CYPT:  Certified Yoga Personal Trainer (yoga private lessons)

Becoming a Yoga Personal Trainer is yet another way to build your yoga business and set yourself up for success.  Take on private students and your business will explode.

In this certification weekend, you’ll learn valuable skills and techniques to help customize Yoga Personal Training sessions for people of all kinds.  Sometimes no matter how long we practice to overcome injury or just move forward in a yoga practice, progress is slow.  In this certification, you will learn skills to rapidly advance progress for yourself and your students.  In addition, you’ll get the necessary tools to set up a private lesson yoga business or add yoga privates to your current business. You will learn about:

  • risk factor screening, demonstration and observation
  • injury rehabilitation via private session
  • working with special populations
  • alignment assessment and how to properly realign the body
  • appropriate sequences, progressions & modifications
  • empowering students to safely move past injury into possibility
  • removing barriers so breakthrough is possible

YBBBT:  Yoga Body Bootcamp Basic Trainer Certification (teach Yoga Body Bootcamp)

This 1 day certification program certifies and licenses you to teach the hottest fitness/yoga hybrid – Yoga Body Bootcamp.  Think Cross-fit intelligence combined with sweaty, sultry appeal of Zumba, and you’ll have an inkling of the flavor of YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP – one ever-evolving work-out that will blow your mind AND body.  Get ready for a combination of Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, and Survivor adrenaline mixed with the inner stillness of yoga. Crazy fun combined with yoga asana, fitness bootcamp stations and a whole new brain chemistry. But instead of the runner’s high, we’ll explore the different brain-wave states.

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