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641 Monroe St, Suite 105 (just above Daydream Cafe – entrance in back on Monroe)
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

CONTACT:  920-550-1642 or hello@midwestpoweryoga.com


Big News for Midwest Power Yoga!

After over 10 years of operation, Debbie has sold the last of her 6 Midwest Power Yoga studios, and the Midwest Power Yoga brand, to yoga teachers Maggie Olson, and Stuart Gavin. The official transfer takes place on January 1 of 2015.  See new pricing, schedule & more HERE.

New Owners, Stuart & Maggie (1 & 3 from left) and Debbie Williamson & Kellie Lin of Wild Abundant Life (2 & 4 from left)

New Owners, Stuart & Maggie (1 & 3 from left) and Debbie Williamson & Kellie Lin of Wild Abundant Life (2 & 4 from left)

Both of the new owners have a long history with Midwest Power Yoga Sheboygan Falls as both students and teachers and will continue to offer community classes (pay-what-you-can) in prime times while adding a whole host of new yoga and fitness offerings available via class packages or drop-in rate.

See the updated schedule after January 1st at www.midwestpoweryoga.com.  You will need to create a new account to sign in for classes.

When asked about how the sale came about, new co-owner, Stuart Gavin jokes, “Well, about a year ago, I accidentally kicked a hole in one of the walls at the studio during a class. Debbie said, “you break it, you buy it!”

Debbie decided to sell the studio as business for Wild Abundant Life (her other company and the umbrella for all of her trainings and services)  has exploded and continues to expand with even more international retreats and trainings for yogis and non-yogis alike.

Stuart Gavin and Maggie Olson were both trained as teachers under Wild Abundant Life & Midwest Power Yoga. Outside of yoga, the two are amazing business people in their own right. Maggie owns a thriving nationally known photography business and Stuart is a highly sought after non-profit fundraiser & grant-writer.

Debbie, Maggie, The Hole & Stuart

Debbie, Maggie, The Hole & Stuart

Says Debbie, “I’m so lucky that two of my favorite people are taking on Midwest Power Yoga. With all of my travel, I wanted to find owners who could be home and run the studio with love. Maggie and Stuart will do just that. I’m so proud of them and what they are creating at Midwest Power Yoga and couldn’t be more delighted to know that they are adding additional classes and workshops too.”

Debbie Williamson and Kellie Lin Knott will continue to offer trainings at the studio in Sheboygan Falls (and locations around the world) and look forward to supporting Maggie and Stuart in a new legacy of yoga for the Sheboygan Falls community.

Access and sign up to all Trainings & Retreats with Debbie will remain available at www.wildabundantlife.com/tour.

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